Roofing identification

Shingles – Finish roofing material (asphalt three-tab and asphalt architectural).


Roofing felt  (underlayment) – Asphalt impregnated paper used for moisture barrier under shingles.

Vitchathane – A self-adhered roofing underlayment applied under shingles or other roofing materials.  

Plasti-cap – A ring shank nail with a large plastic head to secure roofing underlayment. Also known as button cap.


Drip edge (D metal, metal drip edge) – Metal applied to roof edges to support shingle overhang and protect fascia from water damage.


Starter strip – A strip of asphalt shingle material used to adhere shingles on roof edges.


Ridge cap – A manufactured, or hand cut, asphalt tab used to give a roof a finished appearance and to protect hip and ridge joints between roof planes.


Roof vents – A raised plastic or metal cover that provides air flow in the attic.


Flashing – A thin metal sheet or strip used to protect a building from water seepage.