Career Center Remote Learning

Career Center Remote Learning
Posted on 10/08/2020
Remote Learning

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In an effort to establish a collaborative learning environment between student, parent and teacher during times of remote learning as a result of Covid-19 protocol, the D51 Career Center has developed standard operating procedures.  Standard operating procedures (SOPs) refer to the process in which the Career Center will promote the process of learning during a remote learning event.

You are a Career Center Rockstar!  

We pride ourselves in being…





Being in a remote learning environment mandates that you develop a daily routine that will allow you to complete your studies.  The best way to accomplish this is to ENGAGE with your fellow students and teacher.  We have practiced navigating our remote learning tools during our Face to Face time, now it is time to put it into action.  The online activities will be designed to allow you to continue to learn with your hands and showcase your results for all to see.  Your instructor will work with you to personalize the learning experience to meet your individual needs, just as he/she does in the classroom.  The online learning experience is ALWAYS better when you invest and include others.

The key to success is… communicate with your teacher!  Your teacher is here to guide and support you through the process of online learning.  Your first call/email is ALWAYS to your teacher as he/she is the KEY to the Map of Success.  Be the Rockstar you are and continue to challenge yourself daily! 

Student Responsibilities:

  1. Check your district email every day. It is a gmail account that can be accessed through Class Link. The login is your username and password that you use to log in to computers and other district applications. Teachers will be communicating with you mainly through that email and through Google Meet.

  1. You will log into a Google Meet each day at your normally scheduled class time (see times below), so that teachers can see you and help you complete assignments.  To do this, you must copy and paste the Google Meet URL into a new tab (Use the Google browser).  If you have trouble with this, email your teacher and he/she will assist you.


  1. During the google meet, students will leave their camera on during the class time. Backgrounds need to be school appropriate.

  1. If you are unable to attend the Google Meet, please call/email your Career Center teacher so he/she can help you.

  1. You must contact your teachers through Google Meet or through email daily. Please call/email your teacher if you are too sick to work on classes.  If teachers don’t hear from you, they will mark you absent for that day.

Module (Class times)

Mod 1: 8:00 AM-8:50 AM

Mod 2: 9:00 AM-9:50 AM

Mod 3: 2:00 PM-2:50 PM

Teacher Responsibilities:

  1. Teachers will provide daily access to Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning platform-Google Classroom. 

  1. Teachers will maintain the Learning Management System (LMS) daily to ensure timely progress monitoring (Google Classroom and/or Schoology).

  1. Teachers will develop and deliver engaging lessons, synchronous and asynchronous learning activities, feedback and social/emotional support.

  1. Teachers will take and monitor attendance daily.

  1. Teachers will conduct daily synchronous (live) instruction via Google Meet.

  1. Teachers will establish daily office hours.

  1. Teachers will maintain gradebooks (weekly) and provide progress to parents as needed.

  1. Teachers will provide for multilingual communications to families via mailing and/or emails.

Career Center Contact Page:

Program Link/Email

Companion Animal Care

Carol Cooper [email protected]

Construction Technology

Erica Davis [email protected]

David Garrick [email protected]

Mike Wells [email protected]


William Mcginniss [email protected]

Compact Engines 

Brian Roddiger [email protected]

Culinary Arts 

Christina Horn [email protected]

Early Childcare 

Debbie Neill [email protected]


Jayme Hagedorn [email protected]


Pamela Herrera [email protected]

Julie Lovato [email protected]

Roy Railsback [email protected]

Felipe Soto [email protected]

Health Science

Summer Sample [email protected]

Lane Seger [email protected]


Kelly Weeks [email protected]

Front Office 

Zandra Prock [email protected]

Abigail Richardson [email protected]

Pamela Labrouche [email protected]

Sandy Wallway [email protected]


Jami Salyer [email protected]

Cam Wyatt [email protected]

Remote Learning Resources

Career Center


Covid Tracker


Please click on the links below for videos supporting the remote learning process…

(Note: The videos were produced by our sister school Valley…the same process applies to Career Center)

How to log into Schoology (student)

How to log into Schoology (parent)

How to join a Google Meet & see Google Calendar

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